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Functional Playground

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JKA and Feldenkrais therapy

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About Me

I am a Feldenkrais teacher and a JKA therapist specialized in working with special needs children

Make the impossible possible


Parents: "Sonya, we are very glad for the fact of meeting you. Your project of working with parents is very valuable to us. He allowed us to understand that this technique is not only useful for our child, but gives it a pleasant sensation, removes discomfort and soothes. The last is very valuable for us, because since we start to practice , our daughter's behavior before bedtime has changed. If earlier we were engaged with a child out of duty or necessity, now we still remember how pleasant it is and what pleasure it is. It is also very important for us how persistently you teach your attitude to the child as a flower"

Stanislav Volnijanskij


Feldenkrais with Sonia is something more than doing a therapy or applying a technique, it is a path of knowledge and awareness of one's internal and external motor resources and possibilities. It is a detailed work on the internal perception, but that is amplified as soon as you take it into the external world. A bath of self-perception!


We really apreciated the  work that Sonia Pastrovicchio offers to children. Our 2 years old son, with hemiparesis (cerebral palsy) learned so many new possibilities of movement in 17 sessions with her. (She came from italy to Rishikesh to give intensives to 3 children that live in india, and by the way she might come back in some months).

The spasticity in his hips is much less, he is much more aware of his body for standing and coming into sitting, he is doing new and new things everyday and seems like his ability to move his body will get better and better.

Sonia works with knowledge of the body's movements, and is very good in connecting with the kids in a fun way, so the session is playfull and not traumatic. We highly recommend her work for children with disabilities.

Thousand times better than normal physiotherapy for neurological issues that needs neuroplasticity for healing.Neuroplasticity is a reality. We just need to find the right way of helping the child

Bhadra Lidia

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