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My Story

My name is Sonia Pastrovicchio and I was born in Rivoli (TO). I spent my childhood/youth in the city of my birthplace, where I developed my passion for dance.

I started dancing at the age of five, and since then I have never stopped exploring the beauty and complexity of movement through free movement research. I felt the need to learn more about movement by studying the Feldenkrais method and became a teacher of the method. I later specialised in working with special children by becoming a therapist of the Jeremy Krauss approach.

For years I have introduced elements of contact improvisation from my background as a dancer into my working practice, defining my own unique approach called Functional Playground.

I am invited abroad for intensive sessions with children with special needs. 

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Functional Playground

The combination of several disciplines such as the Feldenkrais Method, JKA and Contact Improvisation produces a unique approach to improving the skills of children with special needs because each of these disciplines offers different aspects and techniques that, when combined, provide a comprehensive and integrated solution for developing children's abilities. The Feldenkrais Method uses movement awareness to improve flexibility and learning ability, while the JKA focuses on neuro-rehabilitation and the use of movement to develop brain function. Contact Improvisation, on the other hand, uses physical contact to develop coordination, body awareness and non-verbal communication. These three disciplines combined create a unique approach that covers multiple aspects important for developing the abilities of children with special needs.

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